6 Warning Signs Your Free WordPress Theme is Sabotaging Your Blog

6 Warning Signs Your Free WordPress Theme is Sabotaging Your Blog

Six signs to understand that your WordPress theme is sabotaging your blog

Every book is an experience in itself, when they were saying it about the books then they were referring to content. However, when they are saying the same thing about a blog then things may be different. WordPress themes can sabotage the experience of a reader because he is dealing with many other functions present on the blogs. Here we are sharing some technical signs that may be an indication that your blog is sabotaged by a free WordPress theme.

  • Plugin can act like a plug hole

When a seasoned WordPress development company designs your WordPress theme then they make sure to fix some plug ins that will remain leak proof throughout. It means that plug in will never slow down your blog when anybody will scroll down. While offering free themes developers deliberately leave these glitches.

  • The appearance and disappearance of the sidebars

Readers interact with bloggers if they find something interesting on the blog, quite often they take the support of the sidebars for the purpose, in most of the cases the sidebars of free WordPress themes work very slow and discourage a reader to finish the activity.

  • No backend support for artificially created problems

Hire WordPress experts and never hesitate in investing money. In the future, you are going to invest a good amount of time on your blog page and it can become a virtual real estate for you. It has been observed that many WordPress themes start countering various types of problems after a passage of time. The developers of the theme do not want to spend time on these themes and this is why a blog owner ends up in a tizzy and hires professional help to update it.

  • Limitations with the placement of opt-ins

Every blog writer has this right to place opt-ins at right places. However, many free WordPress themes do not allow you to place opt-ins at desired places on your blogs. It can create a hindrance for a reader. Things can become worse if sidebars are blinking. It can become a waste of an effort for you.

  • Unfriendly format for mobile screens

A JavaScript driven blog may take its time in the process of loading. This simple factor can keep many people at bay. If it is the case, then immediately you should try to repair this condition.

  • Search out for a hacking proof material

If you find that your WordPress blog is falling for the trap of the hackers too often, then again it can become a worrisome situation for you. If you are taking the services of a top WordPress developer, then you can expect that they will design a hack proof WordPress page for you.


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