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10 Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Faster

Ten Commandments to Give a Speed Booster to your WordPress Site

Your website needs a speedy commencement of the queries or it will fail miserably on many accounts, SEO race is certainly the most important among them. Here we are sharing Ten Commandments that can speed up your WordPress website and help you in finding a cutting edge over the others. Most of the intelligent PSD to WordPress Developers are well aware of these fundamentals. In addition, this particular compilation can act like a checklist for you sometimes.

Commandment 1:- Check the number of post revisions stored in your database regularly. If you find that they are on a higher side then either delete them or store them at some other place.

Commandment 2:- Figure out some ways that can compress your images in a lossless fashion. Optimize the images in accordance with the screen size and save time.

Commandment 3:-Check the health of CSS files from time to time; it is wise to remove the unused file from this area. Always keep a copy of main CSS file ready with you but remove all the unused files with immediate effect.

Commandment 4:- Removal of query strings from statics resources is an easy way to shed the unnecessary load from your website. It is internal information that can make things slower for external parties visiting the web page.

Commandment 5:- Manage WP emoji codes intelligently. We cannot neglect emojis; however, we can always cut down the additional CSS files and Java Scripts coming in as an additional baggage with them.

Commandment 6:- If your web page has this policy of not entertaining comments then file protocols like no comment-reply.min.js are needed in order to clean up the mess and prevent the slowing down the pace of your website.

Commandment 7:- WP embeds functions sounds like a time-saving device because you can connect to different other platforms with a single click operation. If your WordPress page is suffering from speed problem then removal of this function can help you a great deal.

Commandment 8:- Unnecessary plug-in can act like a tenterhook, stopping the flow of data in your website, they can slow down the speed considerably and sometimes leave annoying buffering messages for people who are using slow connections.

Commandment 9:- Make sure that you are inviting right kind of ad-networks. An ad network with high bloating capacity can slow down the speed of your page quite considerably.

Commandment 10:- Employee a competent CDN, just like hard disk cleaners, Content Delivery network can take care of additional CSS files and Java scripts on its own. If you are loading heavy data on your web page and receiving high traffic then CDN can manage the things for you on a regular basis.

Here we have shared ten important commandments that can speed up the things for you. WordPress is a treasure of many functions; it is advisable to hire a sensible and well-equipped WooCommerce development agency, which has a sound technical background of handling the speed issue, otherwise, this treasure loaded in WordPress can work like a liability for your website. Though we all are aware of the WordPress popularity, it might be surprising to know that 74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress and Out of every 100 domains registered in the U.S., 22 of them will be on WordPress. And lastly, it has 44 thousand different plugins making it most feasible to develop a fully customized WordPress site. So, wait not and hire a WordPress developer from Icecube Digital today


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