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10 Ways To Be a Better WordPress Blogger

There is no doubt over the fact that blogging is indeed an integral part of content marketing strategy of an enterprise or even an individual looking forward to offer valuable goods or services online. With the web flourishing with content that attracts readers or potential buyers, there is something that must not be forgotten. Dazzling the readers with impeccable content is just one side of the coin. But making the magic happen while wrangling and wrestling the words into shape is completely a different league. Now certainly it takes time for a cake to rise but it is never too late to get acquainted with tips and tricks on how to become a successful blogger using wordpress CMS.

1. Consistent Blogging and Schedule Blog Posts Too:

The best WordPress developers are known for publishing engaging content only after conducting rigorous keyword research with the help of tools like Google Trends, Yoast Suggest, and many more. Scheduling blog posts ahead of time caters to the need of making content live at a particular time on a fixed date. Staying at the top is thus much easier as you can give yourself adequate time to prepare and do the research required. Content strategy can also be determined in compliance with the editorial calendar.

2. Configuring The Website Permalinks:

Configuring the permalinks can be beneficial to you. Being the part of website address and placed after domain name, the permalinks are known to have a big impact on the way the WordPress website is found and organized. Configuration of website permalinks can help you to provide the users with brief description and to have your website found by search engines as well. Inclusion of dates in the permalinks facilitates the readers with the ability to find what they are in search of.

3. Internal Linking:

Internal linking on WordPress can unravel the opportunity for you to direct your audience toward relevant information. This can be essentially beneficial when you are suffering from space crunch on a particular page yet are willing to offer more information to your audience. The inline link feature available in the new WordPress 4.5 doesn’t only let you create internal linking at ease but also helps you to save your valuable time. All you need to do is to click the insert/edit link button and click the link options button to put the necessary information inside the dialogue box that opens up.

4. Optimize Load Time And Go With A Responsive Design:

A recent research shows that adults are spending 51% of their time staying online from mobile as opposed to 42% from desktop. What that means is a responsive design can make your website and content more accessible to the audience. What must be taken care of at the same time is the quick load time. Google suggests that a site should load in 2 seconds. So it is always wise to go for a responsive WordPress theme if a website is not responsive. You can also hire WordPress experts who can help you to speed up your blog using plugins like WP Super Cache.

5. Learn To Change Blog Authors:

It might be the case that you are publishing content on behalf of a number of writers. In all such cases, you will require to learn how to change authors of blogs. However, a lot of WordPress users don’t find this option easily as it remains hidden by default. What you need to do is to click the screen options from the edit screen of the blog post that needs its author to be changed. Now you can check the box named ‘Author’ and make necessary modifications.

6. Update Content, Share and Interact:

The beauty of WordPress is that you can always go back to the old posts and reframe them. So if you have already written a piece that is still relevant today, you must go back to the old article and make it linked with a newly written piece. Sharing your content on social media will add to the chance of your website being discovered. Tools like Jetpack can be used for the sake of saving time during publishing content on social networking sites. And, addressing comments of those who take time to comment on your website will always make the audience privileged. By doing this, you actually compel people to come back.

7. Using Reputed Plugins:

Despite there are literally thousands of plugins available, it is a fact that most of them are buggy and poorly written. Plugins need to keep up with the changing core of WordPress.Being aware of plugins can help you to combat with the incompatibility issues with a plugin and the theme as well.

8. Crafting Search-optimized Blog Posts:

Perhaps it doesn’t need to be said that the keyword research is the most crucial task that needs to be done with due care. Crafting SEO-friendly meta descriptions and title tags for each of the post must remain on your agenda. What must be taken care of is inclusion of relevant keywords in meta descriptions and title tags.

9. Put Images That Only Work For You:

Images certainly attract people. But you will also have to remember that you have to add a keyword in the image title and alternate text fields. By implementing keywords in action, you get to create text that appears on the image, when hovered over by someone. Tagging the image with keywords that accurately describe the picture and site needs to be considered as a task of utmost importance.

10. Landing Pages and Footers:

An attractive land page is all what it takes to get a response from the visitors. It is your job to drive the attention of the visitor towards the right direction. You can go with many premium themes that have landing page inbuilt. Another thing that must be remembered during the WordPress development service is the footers. Footers can contain copyright message, link to important page, information about the owner or any other relevant information. Positioning content into a footer can establish your credibility as that of a professional. While many scroll down to see who is behind a blog, many premium themes are known for their capacity to enable the user to expand the footer into a full fledged content section. You can also include link to popular posts or blogs, short biography, so on and so forth here.

Hope the above mentioned tips would help you to be a happy blogger.


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