10 Things You Should Fix On Your Website Right Away To Increase Traffic and Sales

10 Things You Should Fix On Your Website Right Away To Increase Traffic and Sales

This seems like the million-dollar question of today. In such a frantic e-commerce savvy world wherein you have gazillion competitors for every imaginable domain, the margins for error are thinner than a strand of hair. This is where knowing what to do and knowing what NOT to do come in handy.

Ask any professional Magento Ecommerce Development Company for advice on increasing traffic and sales to your eCommerce website, and it will recommend the following steps:

Fixes for Increased Website Traffic and Sales: 10 Key Tips

1. Social is the way:

Social Media Marketing refers to the practice of advertising on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Make sure your website and blog have all the social media buttons to attract your visitors to follow you on them. Any of the SEO companies would advise you to share your content on various social platforms. People are consuming a lot of content on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram these days. Be there and let people read your stuff. If they engage with you a lot many times, it will build up trust and later, website visits and sales.

2. Play with content:

Content is the king and it will be. It is a common problem that eCommerce website owners don’t provide much attention to writing SEO-friendly copy for product descriptions. If you have a website, then you must accept that there is no pre-set formula for great content. Intersperse your content with infographics, visuals, listicles, long-form, photoblogs, etc. There are various kinds of audiences and each one of that sets needs a different form of content. In addition, fresh and relevant content would certainly bring better search engine results.

3. Write arresting headlines:

Speak to any professional SEO services company and you will hear this- keyword optimization can only bring traffic to your site. Arresting headlines make the visitor deep dive into your content. Writing great headline content does not come easily to content writers. For that, you must contact professional copywriters.

4. Long tail keywords:

Does your Shopify SEO services company use long tail keywords in your site? If yes, then you are in good company. Most of the web searches, these days, are happening around long tail keywords. While ‘coffee’ is a keyword, ‘best coffee shops in Delhi’ is a long tail keyword. Discovering long tail keywords in order of search volumes is not difficult. Google AdWords, Moz, etc. are some of the most popular tools that help you in this direction. Thus, make sure your website is optimized with long-tail keywords.

5. Improve the site load time:

This is one factor that many marketers overlook. When a visitor comes to your website, whether or not he will go to the next page depends upon how quickly your site load. Many visitors turn away from websites when they find them slow to load. Even if you employ the Best SEO Company for keyword optimization, unless your site is well optimized for images etc., you will hardly get any traffic. In the enthusiasm to have many attractive images on the website, the marketers forget that highly rich images and videos may slow the site down. This is not to say that images are a no-no. All we mean to say is that images and videos need to be optimized.

6. Is your site mobile-friendly?:

According to various estimates, people are spending more time on mobiles than on laptops and desktops. What are the implications of this user behavior? The most important takeaway is that marketers must make their websites mobile friendly. The website must work well enough on mobiles and tablets. It should be friendly to the two main operating systems these days- Android and IOS. Many marketers lose sight of this simple fact and in the process, lose out on visitors and sales.

7. UX and UI:

It is not enough to make your website good-looking by putting in great graphics. What is more important is to virtually get into the mind of the potential visitor and visualize the expected user behavior. Great websites put in a lot of effort to install terrific UX and UI. The whole layout of the website is built around customer expectations. Great UX and UI work magic on visitors and get more repeat traffic.

8. Retargeting:

According to a survey, more than 98 percent of visitors leave the websites they visit without any conversions. That is an amazing statistic and very disappointing too but, help is at hand. Through retargeting, you can convince your visitors to return to your website. How do you do that? Well, it is done by dropping cookies on the computers of your first-time visitors. These cookies or computer-generated programs show themselves up as advertisements to your visitors as soon as they leave your site and go elsewhere. Make sure your website is well ready for growing organic traffic and visitors.

9. Blog, blog, and blog:

You would be surprised at the value that every fresh content piece fetches to your website. There is one rider though, which is that the content must be relevant to your website. Whether you are a start-up or an already established one, captivating articles about your products, services, and industry would certainly bring more visitors to your website. This will help you get new visitors after they are directed to your service/product pages from your blog.

10. Are you using Analytics?:

You may be implementing a great keyword strategy and your site is loading very fast on mobile devices and tablets. But have you checked your key stats yourselves? You may have hired a Magento SEO services company but it would do you a whole lot of good if you check for yourself which keywords are performing and which aren’t. What is the source of your traffic? What is the bounce rate? Are you getting traffic from more Android devices or through the iPhones etc? Most of the answers to these questions can be found when you install the Google Analytics tool on your website.

Though these are not the only ways to get more traffic on your website, begin with these 10 well-proven strategies that can help you fetch more visitors and ultimately convert them into visitors.

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