10 Excellent WordPress Plugins that’ll Improve Your Blog’s Usability

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10 Excellent WordPress Plugins that’ll Improve Your Blog’s Usability

WordPress is the industry norm when it comes to building websites with a strong foundation that are not only robust in their architecture but aesthetically pleasing on the eyes as well. There’s a reason why every top blog out there has been carved out of WordPress. This is further cemented by the fact that big shot companies and organizations are now looking to hire dedicated WordPress developers who are technically astute and proficient, irrespective of the numbers involved.

The past few years have seen WordPress evolution that provides unparalleled services and a range of utilities which makes it stand out from the rest. Moreover, the fact that it comes with a wide repertoire of plug-ins is just the icing on the cake that’s needed.

On the flip side however, there are oh so many plug-ins to choose from that you might often feel spoilt for choice. Especially if you’ve just started your blog and you’re nascent in the domain, you wouldn’t know which to pick, where to look and what to sign up for.

Here’s a list of some noteworthy free and paid plug-ins that will make your Blogging adventure that much merrier:

1. Yoast SEO:

  • Ask any reliable WordPress development company out there and this is where the finger will be pointed straight away. The world of content and digital marketing revolves around SEO [Search Engine Optimization].
  • Though it is gradual and takes its time, it is an indispensable entity in the virtual world. Working behind the scenes, SEO is what will get you those much needed individuals who actually want to read what you have penned down.
  • When it comes to organic traffic, SEO is the key. Not only does it go a long way in doing you good on the lines of building your blog’s reputation with Google, it will help broaden your target audience as well.
  • One of the most user-friendly plug-ins, it gives you access to functionalities like meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, focus keywords and a lot more.

2. WP-Optimize:

  • Are you one of those bloggers who tend to save their post 428974 times before actually hitting the much coveted ‘Publish’ button? Me too! This is just an uncanny habit which is commonly seen with writers.
  • One important thing to note here is the fact WordPress doesn’t actually trash all these post revisions; instead it stores them in the database.
  • Ergo, the more you hit ‘save’, larger volumes of unnecessary data will keep getting recorded. And these are those revisions which you will never need ever again.
  • Using WP-Optimize, you can get rid of this ‘extra’ data and de-clutter your WP database for good.
  • Not only this, it eliminates all those spam comments as well which is a nuisance in itself.
  • This way, your WP website will look much cleaner and will become substantially faster as well. And as we all know, ‘Speed matters!’.

3. Google Analytics Dashboard:

  • Track your website traffic in an optimized manner with precise detailing and accurate numbers using the Google Analytics Dashboard.
  • Hands down the most comprehensive analytics tool available to man, it will tell you everything there is to know about your blog traffic right from demographics and age, to region and timings to web pages visited and sections scrolled, to average time spent on individual blog pages and a lot more.
  • If you’re always fascinated about numbers and the mysterious details hidden between the lines, this plug-in is meant for you!

4. Simple Share Buttons Adder:

  • In such a social media savvy world, this one’s a no brainer. We all know that a ‘social share’ is the next best thing if you’re not getting too many comments on your blog, a situation we’ve all been through especially during the nascent stages.
  • A concrete way to increase traffic, you can configure these buttons via a simple drag-and-drop with support for no less than 15 different networks.

5. Bloom (Paid):

  • After a while when you’ve settled with your blog with an impressive quantity of visitors and you’re happy with the status quo, you will definitely feel the urge to monetize.
  • This is where Bloom enters the fray acting as a one stop solution for creating solid e-mail lists.
  • With a wide variety of opt-in forms at its disposal, it maximizes the odds of getting new subscribers, and hence, should be picked up from day one.

6. WPRocket (Paid):

  • The load time of your blog will determine its longevity as well. Your website speed goes hand-in-hand with SEO, which in turn directly affects the number of visitors and the conversion rates.
  • Hence, WPRocket is what you need to optimize the speed of your WordPress blog. Even though the price might seem daunting to you, it will definitely bring good value for money by knocking off those extra seconds off your load time.
  • Some of its noteworthy facets include the likes of GZIP compression, browser and page caching, lazy loading, CDN and minification.

7. Fancier Author Box:

  • We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Getting an author box is the basic thing all bloggers need. Often, it goes unnoticed but it pays dividends to have an author box that is appealing by all means.
  • ‘Getting your name out there’ is not as clichéd as it sounds. All you need to do is place your name and a short bio at the bottom of your page and voila!
  • This has been made possible using the free plug-in – ‘Fancier Author Box’. Since everyone has one these days, this plug-in allows you to stand out from the rest by giving you multiple skins to choose from making sure that your author box will be anything but mundane.

8. CoSchedule (Paid):

  • When it comes to scheduling your entire blog and collaborating with colleagues, CoSchedule is the answer.
  • All you need to do is sync all your social media profiles with CoSchedule, and then choose what to publish, where to publish and when!

9. Akismet:

  • One of the best anti-spam plug-ins available, Akismet will get rid of the trashy spam comments enveloping your blogs upon proper analysis.
  • The fact that it is free for non-commercial websites makes it an easy choice for nascent bloggers.

10. Editorial Calendar:

  • All serious bloggers have just one golden rule – Publish consistently! If you’re one to follow suit, Editorial Calendar will come to your aid and make you as organized as ever.
  • Drag-and-drop your articles or posts in the calendar and begin scheduling. Moreover, it also allows you to spot certain gaps, as and when they occur.

The WordPress plug-in market is too immense to cover. Go with your instincts, never be fearful of a little research, don’t be afraid of spending pennies and you’re golden!


Bhavin M

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